Conferences 1992-1999

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ECER 1992 22-25 June, University of Twente, Netherlands
ECER 1995 University of Bath, UK
ECER 1996 University of Seville, Spain
James Calderhead (University of Bath, UK): Presidential Address
ECER 1997 24-27 September, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Peter Dobrich (DiPF, Frankfurt am Main): New Challenges for Educational Research in Europe – Presidential Address
Wolfgang Mitter (WERA, President): Common Values in Educational Research
ECER 1998 17-20 September, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Harvey Siegel (University of Miami, USA): Multiculturalism and the Possibility of Transcultural Educational [and Philosophical] Ideals
John Elliott (University of East Anglia, UK): Living with Ambiguity and Contradiction: the Challenge for Educational Research in the 21st Century
ECER 1999 22-25 September, Lahti University, Finland
Daniel Kallos (Umea University, Sweden): Reflections on the Past and the Future of Educational Research in Europe
Bob Lingard (University of Queensland): Globalisation, the OECD and Education Policy Production
Erno Lehtinen (University of Turku, Finland): Information Society and National Education Strategies

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