Vienna, Austria

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ECER 2009 25-30 September
University of Vienna

Theory and Evidence in European Educational Research

Prof. Herbert Altrichter (University of Linz, Austria): Evidence on Governance? Conceptual and Empirical Strategies in the Research on Governance in Education
Prof. Tina Hascher (University of Salzburg, Austria): Learning and Emotion: Perspectives for Theory and Research
Prof. Michael Young (University of London, U.K): Alternative Educational Futures for a Knowledge Society
Prof. Susan Wright, Danish School of Education (University of Aarhus, Denmark): Evidence and Imagination: on Policies for University Reform
Prof. Stephen J Ball (University of London, U.K): New Voices, New Knowledges and the New Politics of Education Research
Prof. Roland Reichenbach (University of Basel, Switzerland): Two Solitudes: Educational Research and the Pedagogical Realm

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