Founding Ceremony

EERA’s foundation in 1994 was a result of discussions among many national educational research associations and several major research institutes throughout Europe. 

The idea of a European Educational Research Association was first considered fully in a feasibility study published in October 1991 by Prof Tjeerd Plomp (Univeristy of Twente, Netherlands), who consulted 25 experts in the field.

PDF: Feasibility Study European Commission

1991 Feasibility Study


An informal meeting on 22 June 1992 took place in the Netherlands at the University of Twente, during the first European Conference on Educational Research. Plomp issued the invitation and educational researchers from ten countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland) discussed Plomp’s report. They decided to to explore the possibility of establishing an ‘association of national associations of educational researchers’ with the purpose to be instrumental in meeting the aims of improving quality and enhancing credibility of educational research in Europe.

First ECER 1992


A second meeting on 14-15 October 1993 was held in Aarau, Switzerland, where nineteen delegates from fifteen countries (Austria, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland) discussed the draft statutes of the association and a small working group was established to organise the foundation process.

PDF: Second Meeting; Provisional List of Participants

Agenda for Second Meeting


A third meeting in April 1994 was held in Frankfurt, Germany, where financial matters were discussed and Prof. James Calderhead (Univeristy of Bath, UK) was appointed acting Chairman and Harry Black (Scottish Council for Research in Education) offered to act as Secretariat.  


The Founding Ceremony of EERA on 18 June 1994 took place in Strasbourg, France, where the constitution was officially signed. Eleven countries were represented on the EERA Executive Committee (Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland).

PDF: Founding Ceremony Welcome Address by Armin Gretler 

PDF: Photographic record of the signing ceremony

Signed EERA Constitution


A more detailed account of EERA’s Foundation is included in the 2010 report by Martin Lawn (University of Edinburgh):

PDF: EERA Archives, Networks and Policy